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Does your home or business need carpet restretching?

Have you noticed wrinkles in your carpets? Keeping your carpets professionally maintained is the key to a long-lasting carpet. With regular wear and tear, you can notice your carpets becoming loose in some areas or showing an unsightly wrinkle. No matter how well you try to maintain your carpets, they are bound to need professional carpet restreching at some point.

Carpet restretching is important to the health and safety of your carpet. A wrinkled carpet presents a trip hazard and can quickly ruin carpet. You may need carpet restretching if you have the following:

  • Loose carpet
  • Wrinkle(s) in your carpet
  • Carpet is starting to fray around the seams
  • Carpet is pulling up from the tack strip

Over time, carpet may start to come away from the wall and gather in areas. That does not mean throwing out the old, it may just need a good stretch. If you have been looking for the best carpet restretching specialist in the twin cities, you need to call The Carpet Guy. The Carpet Guy has been servicing his twin cities clients since 1986.

If you have found that your carpets have expanded or shrunk due to exposure to different room temperatures, high traffic, over cleaning or improper installation, it is time to get an estimate for restretching. Carpet stretching is a good way to extend the life of your carpet. If your carpets have wrinkles in them in the open areas of more than one room or doorway, it is usually a sign of improper installation. Delamination (separation between the layers of carpet backing) can also occur because of unaddressed carpet wrinkles, ruining a once-beautiful carpet. Your carpet can be fixed by stretching and re-cutting your carpet properly, using a power stretcher.

Often our clients are shocked by how much excess carpet is removed once the carpet is stretched tightly. Your carpet will look beautiful without any unsightly wrinkles. Proper installation means your carpet will wear correctly and look its best for years to come.

When you want your carpet restretching service done by the best in the Twin Cities, it is time to call The Carpet Guy to schedule your appointment. The Carpet Guy has over 30+ years’ experience in carpet restretching and can repair your carpet to look like it did when it was first installed, and we offer a 10-year guarantee.  Call today to get your carpet repair service scheduled with The Carpet Guy, 612-209-4374 or 715-575-8107.

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